Geo Heat Map in Excel
Wednesday, Jul 08
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How to Create/Use the Geo Heat Map in Excel

Heat maps in Excel are available for different countries. It provides a good demonstration of where the concentration of sales data is geographically located.

Data Function Explanation:

Geo Heat Map: This function is used to create a visualization of the concentration of data by geographic location.


The Financial Analyst received data exported from the company’s e-commerce database containing sales quantities by State. The Financial Analyst prepares a weekly sales deck to update management of where the company’s products are most popular across the USA.

The Financial Analyst should, therefore, create a heatmap to show sales representation levels by State.


1. Navigate to Developer, Add-Ins, then install the Geographic Heat Map.

2. Once installed go to the Add-In and click “Add” to bring the heatmap I-frame into the Excel.

3. Click Get Started.

4. Configure settings by choosing the data and map type (e.g. USA). Select a color scheme.

Example Raw Sales Data and Heat Map (Below):

When selecting data choose the data figures you’d like represented in your heat map.

Heat Map:

Note you can also right-click and change the color scheme.

Chart Title:

The Heat Map plugin allows for chart element customization. You can go through each of the chart title options and decide where to present it on the map.

Data Labels:

The data labels can be shown or removed, and added options are available for customization.


You can also decide where you’d like to present the legend on the heat map.

It is a fairly customizable plugin that is available within Microsoft Excel if you go to the add-ins and added it to your workbook. It makes for a great visual representation from a sales perspective if you’re updating things like sales figures throughout the week or throughout the month and you would have to make a presentation for that sort of data.

It is highly recommended to becoming familiar with it so that you can incorporate it into your reporting.

I hope that helps. Please leave a comment below with any questions or suggestions. For more in-depth Excel training, checkout our Ultimate Excel Training Course here. Thank you!



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