ROW Formula in Excel
Wednesday, Jun 24
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How to Use the ROW Formula in Excel

The ROW formula in Excel is used to find out the number of a row where a reference cell is located in the worksheet. This is a commonly used function or formula that you use in advanced financial modelling if you have got a large set of data that you’re working with and you need to make reference to specific rows within the financial model.

    Formula explanation:

    • Reference: The cell is selected to find out the position of it.


    In this example, we are going to find out the row number of the selected cells from the data table using the ROW formula.

    *Note this table is only a sample of an example with few data entries, and the formulas are based on the whole population of raw data which are not reflected in the example.


    This can be used as a formula to make reference to these cells in other financial models. You can embed this within a formula if you need to make reference to it and nest it within a formula that contains other lookups and references.

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